best chiropractors in nyc

Best Chiropractors in NYC, New York

Are you feeling stressed, worn out, and chronically tired? Is your neck or back bothering you so much that you can’t go about your day freely? Don’t worry; your sufferings tend to be helped out. You need not struggle in search of a Chiropractor. 

Here, to ease your comfort, we have drafted out some of the best Chiropractors situated in NYC. Follow up the list, and you would find a Chiropractor close to your location:

Best Chiropractors in New York

Manhattan Psychology Group, PC

best chiropractors in nyc

Dr. Christopher Straface graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Exercise Science. He then went on to attend New York Chiropractic College, where he graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. While at Ithaca, he was the captain of the Ithaca Men’s Rugby team and a member of the Exercise Science Club. As a member of the Sports Chiropractic Club at N.Y.C.C., he traveled around New York State, treating both collegiate and Olympic track and field athletes. Dr. Straface also holds a certification in both Kinesio Taping (C.K.T.P.) and Active Release Technique (A.R.T.).

Address: Westchester Family Chiropractic 550 Mamaroneck Ave Ste; 103                                          Harrison, NY 10528

Phone: (914) 346-5200

Dr. James Farren, DC

best chiropractors in nyc

Dr. James Farren has practiced in Manhattan for over 12 years, providing top-notch services to clients who need chiropractic care and wellness services. An expert in treating patients who suffer from a variety of issues dealing with the head, back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. Certified in nerve testing and manipulation under anesthesia, Dr. Farren treats patients before and after surgery to help them remediate through the pain.

The team consists of several specialists, including a certified doctor, massage and physical therapists, chiropractors, and an acupuncturist. He has treated a wide range of patients, from professional athletes to The weekend warriors.

Address: 139 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038, United States

Phone: +1 212-349-9500

Dr. Richard T. Hui, DC

best chiropractors in nyc

Richard T. Hui, DC, P.C. serves patients in New York City. As a chiropractic care provider, Dr. Hui is proud to offer natural pain relief services of all types, including rehabilitation, physical therapy modalities, massage therapy, sciatica treatment, back pain treatment, neck pain treatment, and migraine headache treatment. Dr. Hui has been practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic in New York for over a decade.

Dr. Hui is happy to accommodate patients on a schedule that suits their needs, whether that means scheduling visits in the early morning, during their lunch break, or after work. Dr. Hui is firmly dedicated to the happiness and total wellness of his patients, and he looks forward to helping patients every day because he loves what he does. Call anytime to get chiropractic care for any health-related issues.

Address: 111 Broadway, New York, NY 10006, New York, NY 10006, United States

Phone: +1 212-693-2000

Dr. Dan Basilicato, DC

best chiropractors in nyc

Dr. Daniel Basilicato has national certifications in Athletic Training and Strength and Conditioning and successfully works with active patients to get them back to form. He is a graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training/Exercise Science with a minor in Health. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College, graduating with honors Magna Cum Laude. 

Dr. Basilicato joined Liberty Wellness & Chiro as an associate in 2008, and his most effective chiropractic techniques are Cox flexion- distraction, diversified adjusting, manual muscle release, Graston technique, and implementation of corrective exercises for painful and posture-related conditions. He is a member of the A.C.A. (American Chiropractic Association), N.A.T.A. (National Athletic Trainers Association), and N.S.C.A. (National Strength and Conditioning Association).

Address: 1 New York Plaza New York, NY 10004

Phone: (973) 772-0099

Dr. Tiffany Taveras, DC

best chiropractors in nyc

Certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Dr. Tiffany Taveras is one of the best chiropractors in NYC. She attended New York Chiropractic College, where she received her doctoral degree in chiropractic medicine. She integrates her medical expertise with state of the art technology and strives to provide the highest quality of healthcare.

A competent professional, Dr. Taveras, is available for consultations and examinations at Prestige Health & Wellness. She looks after multiple locations across N.Y. and provides thorough medical care for the treatment of a host of conditions related to the musculoskeletal system.

Dr. Taveras is fluent in English and Spanish, which makes her widely accessible to patients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Her commitment to quality patient care is foremost on her mind as she sees and evaluates them. As a result of her exceptional work ethic, they always leave the practice satisfied with thorough care.

Address: 42 Broadway Suite 1535, New York, NY 10004, United States
Phone: +1 212-393-4673

Dr. Tai Ly, DC

best chiropractors in nyc

Dr. Tai Ly is a friendly and enthusiastic practitioner with over six years of specialization in chiropractic care. Dr. Ly currently practices in the financial district by wall street. He serves patients in this location by collaborating with highly qualified and experienced staff, who strive to provide the best medical care. He attended the University of Bridgeport, where he received his doctorate in chiropractic. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Indiana University. 

Dr. Ly brings extensive experience to his role at Prestige Health & Wellness. Patients see him for a variety of reasons, including neck pain, back pain, joint pain, stress, sciatica, slipped discs/disc herniations headaches, and other musculoskeletal issues. When he is not busy seeing patients, he enjoys tennis, yoga, music, travel, and arts. He is a compassionate practitioner who believes in educating his patients about their Health for long and short-term benefits.

Address: 42 Broadway Suite 1535, New York, NY 10004, United States

Phone: +1 212-401-6923

Dr. Jeff Jamieson

best chiropractors in nyc

Doctor Jamieson was educated at Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University, Empire State University of New York, the Swedish Institute, and New York Chiropractic College. He is board certified as a doctor of chiropractic, radiology, personal training, nutrition, and massage therapy.  As a chiropractor, I believe in an integrated treatment approach geared to benefit you in all aspects of pain-relief and spinal correction. With a strong focus on in-depth treatment, our specialists work together to formulate efficient, customized treatment plans for each patient. We pride ourselves on establishing accurate, complete diagnoses whereby the most appropriate care may be provided.

Address: Be Well Medical, NY; 20 E 46th St Fl 9 New York, NY 10017

Phone: (212) 404-8090

Dr. Steven Shoshany, DC, C.C.E.P., C.K.T.

best chiropractors in nyc

Dr. Steven Shoshany specializes in providing safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic treatment for a wide variety of conditions. With many years of chiropractic training and education under his belt, Dr. Shoshany has treated hundreds of patients with conditions ranging from whiplash to scoliosis, sciatica to herniated discs to carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Shoshany has had stunning success with these conditions and many others.

Dr. Shoshany is dedicated to providing the best chiropractic care in Manhattan and is committed to relieving your pain using the true principles of chiropractic care. Patients are seeking treatment with an NYC Chiropractors are assured of receiving only the most exceptional quality care because Dr. Shoshany has a genuine concern for the well-being of his patients. Dr. Shoshany is one of the first NYC chiropractors to treat patients with the revolutionary DRX9000 spinal decompression machine.  Dr. Shoshany is the only Chiropractor in New York City. that holds a patent on his Spinal Decompression method.

Address: 632 Broadway Suite 303 New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212-235-1125