Breast Cancer Pain Management

Breast cancer brings additional problems as bone pain, muscle pain, headache, and discomfort around the liver. Doctors give medication and therapies for pain management. From mild to severe pain Acetaminophen, NSAIDs, morphine, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl.

Factors, which affect breast cancer treatment:-

Breast cancer stage matters a lot with treatment options, so other factors have relation too:-

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breast cancer treatment

Prognosis becomes very difficult in women aged less than 40. Body image and risk of reduction swings the decision to have lumpectomy and mastectomy. Addition of surgery, Chemotherapy, and radiation with hormonal therapy for ER+or PR+ breast cancers is prescribed, generally in cases of young women. It can help to prevent re-appearance of breast cancer. In the cases of premenopausal females, ovarian suppression is an option with the hormone therapy.


Breast Cancer Pregnancy Pain Managment

Pregnancy also affects breast cancer treatments. Although breast cancer surgery is safe for pregnant women doctors, ask NO for Chemotherapy until the third trimester. During pregnancy, doctors do not recommend both Hormone therapy and radiation therapy.

Tumor Growth

Treatment depends on what is the growth and speed of cancer. If the patient has an aggressive form of breast cancer, the doctor may apply more aggressive treatment approaches as surgery or combo of therapies.

Genetic mutation status and family history

Treatment may have some effect because of the history of breast cancer or on positive testing for genes, which may increase the risk of breast cancer. Females who have this type of case may opt preventive surgical options as bilateral Mastectomy.


The projection for breast cancer depends on the stage; earlier diagnosis generally gives a better outcome. Doctors say that it is important to have monthly breast examinations. It is advised in some cases to have regular annual mammograms with the age of 40 or younger. There is various kind of treatment available for different type and stages of breast cancer, but individual treatment may vary according to individual needs. The doctor considers the type of breast cancer and other health factors and medication. Individual treatment plans can be adjusted according to the individual response.

With the help of clinical trials, people may try new treatments, according to their choice. A patient may ask for oncologist for the availability of trials. A patient may try complementary therapies at any stage of breast cancer. There are many available therapies as massage, acupuncture and yoga and other therapies with these therapies many women have received benefits.

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