Risk Factors for Vascular Diseases

As we aware about the Vascular diseases are also modifiable with major vascular condition which is associated by:

6 Risk Factors for Vascular Diseases

  1. Smoking: As smoking is very bad to health but in some case or condition it becomes toxic to body itself. When inhaled it blocks the arteries of heart and restrict blood to reach at the abdominal lower case of the body such as legs and in case the patient ignore this diseases and left untreated he or she may Sloose their legs.
  2. Diabetes: If the amount of glucose will increase in the blood vessels that cause the damage of the blood vessels that’s why diabetes is major risk containing diseases.
  3. Hyperlipidemia: There is high level of lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides which may cause the stroke and diseases related to heart and the other vascular diseases and although hyperlipidemia does not able to shown the symptoms; therefore increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the blood vessels which supplies the heart that is coronary arteries diseases, also to brain that is cerebra-vascular disease and very importantly to the lower and upper limbs of body known as peripheral vascular diseases.
  4. High blood pressure: Due to narrowing of blood vessel when forced blood starts to flow in vessels it may cause vascular diseases occur.
  5. Obesity: Deposition of fats in the walls of artery faces difficulty in the proper blood flow or pumping of heart may result in myocardium infarction, or any heart related diseases.
  6. Lack of exercise: This is a king of risk factor of vascular diseases and almost for all diseases.

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Anything that may increase the chance of developing diseases is known as risk factors. Risk factors depends on the daily basis activity of individuals such as hereditary, not taking balanced diet, family history, intake of nicotine by smoking, etc. Every disease has their own symptoms and risk factors which on time could be diagnosed and treated.

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However there are some people who having more than two risk factor but do not develop any disease at the same time you will meet the in a person who do not have any symptoms but develop many diseases without any risk factors. Knowledge of risk factors may helps in to keep you aware about the to do treatment at right time, place. Any change in behavior or you may suffer through mental confusion, multiple thoughts then definitely u must visit the doctors and diagnose your diseases.

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